Delivery & Collection

  • Smart Lockers – We have a bank of weatherproof outside secure smart lockers for any time collection. These are located at the front of our premises.

    Order in your usual way. Ask that we put the goods in a Smart Locker for collection. We will confirm that they are available within your specified lead time. You will be sent confirmation by text that the goods are ready for collection, along with the access PIN code and QR link (you can use either).

  • Collection (in store) – If you choose the Collection option (when available) we will pick goods, set them side for collection and send you a copy delivery note. Sometimes we may text or phone you as an alternative to or in addition to emailing.

    This is your notification that goods are ready to collect. Please avoid attempting to collect goods until you have been notified that they are ready to collect.

    For back ordered items, you may occasionally find that when you arrive to collect goods they are still being picked. Under these circumstances there may be a short delay while the pick of your goods in finalised.

  • Delivery – If you choose the Delivery option (when available) we will pick goods, back order as necessary and send when the full delivery is available. Generally goods will be sent out within a few days.

    If there is likely to be an unexpected delay fulfilling your order we will contact you and discuss options.

    When goods are picked and ready for you we will email you a delivery note. You may receive multiple delivery notes as different parts of your order are picked and set aside.

  • Urgency – If your order is particularly urgent please contact us by phone to let us know. We can then prioritise the order if possible, give you an expected time of arrival and discuss options.