Product quantity price calculation

For many products the default unit of sale is a single product, however for others the default unit of sale is a multiple.

Where the default unit of sale is a multiple, for example a quantity of 100, this may be the quantity added to the cart when selected. In general you can buy a smaller quantity, however the price per unit will be re-calculated as the quantity is changed.

Rather than pre defined price breaks we use a price calculation to deliver Real World Pricing (RWP). The aim is to generate fair and sustainable prices for the selected product quantity.

For a small quantity of an inexpensive product you will likely pay a price closely related to the cost of processing the sale (stocking activities, picking and billing), whereas for a larger quantity you will likely pay a price more related to the cost to us of the product itself.

RWP does not apply to all products. In the main it applies to goods sold loose in quantities ranging from singles to thousands.